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Here's just a small selection of the programs, products and services our company are currently focused on developing. 


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Genev Assist e-Wheelchairs Series

Genev aims to provide green mobility for everyone.  Genev Assist will be our series of aesthetic, innovative, and convenient electric wheelchairs (to be FDA approved), designed for those in need.  Whether you are a senior citizen or person with an injury who needs one temporarily, Genev Assist will look after you.

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Product Information


Genev believes energy recovery system such as regenerative braking system will play an increasing role in green mobility.  Genev will commit our R&D towards developing efficient dynamic energy recovery (DYERS) systems that are applicable to our products.  Our DYERS will form a core element of our future mobility products, delivering truly green intelligent mobility to the market.

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Collaboration Opportunities


There are many more exciting concepts and products in our development plan.  Please stay tuned.


Genev Go ​e-Scooter Series

What better way is to move over short distances in congested urban areas than green electric scooters that are aesthetic, convenient and robust to use?  Our series of electric scooters will enable you to active commute without a wait, looking cooler with fun and joy while meeting your healthy and active lifestyle routine.

Genev Go will be a series of 3-wheeler, self-stable tilting e-scooters designed with the highest attention to safety and user experience.  The first model of our Genev Go e-scooter (Go1) is targeted to be released in late 2020. 

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Product information