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50+ Unbelievable Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet _ Architecture & Design


Global warming threatens the life of every living thing and is changing our planet into a more hostile place for us to live in. Since the industrial revolution, the explosion in oil and gas use, emission in GHG and wasteful consumption are the main culprits of this global catastrophe. Genev was established in 2018 by a small group of passionate professionals with the goal to lead an effort to change the way the society moves.  We are an engineering technology innovations company focused on developing green intelligent e-mobility and their supporting infrastructures. We aim to develop innovative, green and aesthetic products that the market loves while simultaneously contributes to climate change mitigation.

Our management team is made up of multi-disciplinary, highly skilled, experienced and qualified professionals that well covers all aspects of our company's business and operations.  We will exert our passion and experiences to provide our partners, companies and the market with quality and innovative products that are truly amazing.

Genev's mission is to be recognized as a leading technological innovative company in developing and making intelligent sustainable green e-mobility and infrastructures that the market loves, and that our company and you are proud of.  Genev upholds high level of integrity, and acts with strong sense of corporate social and environmentally friendly responsibilities. 


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Sustainability is a Lifestyle 

Active low carbon commuting

Climate Change

Climate change is for real

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