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G-Lock Quick Release Axle (pair)

G-Lock Quick Release Axle (pair)

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A pair (x 2) of patented Genev G-Lock quick release axle suitable for use on Wheelchairs and Bicycle Trailers.  No more guess work, the patented G-lock indicates proper engagement and prevents unintentional disengagement caused by the dynamics of everyday use.  Genev G-Lock quick release axle gives your wheel attachment an added layer of security, peace of mind under whatever conditions.

  • Product Specifications


    • Patented G-lock indicates proper engagement, prevents unintentional disengagement and enhanced user safety (China Utility Model Patent: 202121198787.9)
    • Precision quality
    • Easy to install and fast removal
    • Aesthetic lock cap with big button
    • Hardened, surface treated, high strength materials
    • From 0.125 kg per axle (vary with axle effective length)
  • Product Origin

    Design, assembled and packaged in Hong Kong

    Manufactured in China

  • Product Care

    Never attempt to disassemble the G-Lock Quick Release axle.  Disassembling the axle can cause damage to components and cause subsequent improper functioning of the axle.  

    •Clean the axle in cleaning alcohol.  The axle components are fabricated to prevent rusting and to have excellent wear resistance. But feel free to lightly grease or oil the axle after cleaning to further improve corrosion resistance of surrounding components, smoothen operations and reduce dust ingress.

  • What is the effective length?

    The standard axle effective lengths available on the market are 3.8, 4.0, 4.25, 4.50, 4.75, 5.0 and 5.25 inches.  Watch our video on how to measure the effective length of your wheelchair or bicycle trailor.  

  • Product Information

    Sold in pairs.


    Packaging: L17cm x W8cm x H3.8cm recyclable and biodegradable corrugated cardboard box.

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